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How to navigate the myriad of Enrichment Classes and Holiday Camps for kids and teens

Childrens Worklab Holiday Camps and Weekly Classes in Robotics

Children and teenagers are spoiled with choices in terms of enrichment classes and holiday camps in Singapore. For many parents, sometimes this may get a bit overwhelming! We hope to provide a little guidance and share our experience on this topic.

Enrichment classes for children typically focus on specific subjects or skills, providing comprehensive, in-depth learning experiences and fostering curiosity. They are often based on a curriculum and offered in a regular basis over a period of time, spanning weeks, months or years. Most of these classes are offered on a weekly or bi-weekly basis in 1 to 2 hour blocks, either on a term or semester-basis or available year-round. 

They offer the opportunity for children to discover and cultivate individual interests and skill sets outside of school, contributing to a more well-rounded education and development.

Participating in these classes can also enhance children's self-esteem and confidence, as they acquire new knowledge and skills. It also helps expand their social circle through meeting new classmates or teammates who share common interests. Moreover, it provides the chance to meet new people who are there to support their growth and may provide new insights to your children's potential, such as coaches or instructors.

Some enrichment classes, such as Math and Languages, are designed to complement your child’s education in school by providing additional learning opportunities, and they may play a vital role in enhancing your child's academic performance. On the other hand, other enrichment classes, such as robotics and technology classes, are meant to provide your child with new, practical and hands-on learning experiences that align with his or her interests. These topics may not be fully covered in traditional academic settings, but nonetheless are both interesting and inspiring for many children, and crucial in today’s technology-driven world. 

Childrens Worklab Holiday Camps and Weekly Classes in 3D Modelling and Printing

In contrast to enrichment classes, holiday camps for children and teenagers are typically shorter-term programs, which last for a certain number of days or weeks, and are offered only during the local Singapore school holidays and international school holidays.  

The specific timing can vary depending on the camp or school, but many are offered throughout the year, such as during the year-end and Christmas holidays (November to January), Chinese/Lunar New Year holidays (January or February), March/Spring break and Easter holidays (March to April), Summer holidays (from end of May to August), as well as September and October breaks. 

You may also find a wide variety of holiday camp types for your kids and teens, including robotics and coding camps, science camps, sports camps, outdoor adventure camps, arts and crafts camps, music camps, dance camps, cooking camps, multi-activity camps, and so on. There is truly something for every child! Most of these are day camps for ages 3 to 16, but there are also some overnight camp options for older children and teenagers. 

Each camp offers a unique learning experience, and a chance for kids and teens to explore and develop their interests outside of school, make new friends, and participate in activities that are both fun and educational. 

Kids and teens can also make good use of the holiday camps to try new things, and decide whether they would like to continue to pursue their new interests after the holidays. This works well especially for those whose weekly schedules are quite packed with different activities already.

Childrens Worklab Holiday Camps and Weekly Classes in Xplorers Robotics and Animation

At Children’s Worklab, we offer both weekly enrichment classes for children aged 4 to 13, as well as holiday camps at various times of the year for children aged 3 to 13. Our area of focus is S.T.E.A.M.(Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) education. Currently, we provide classes and camps in Lego Robotics and Engineering, 3D Modelling and Printing, Animation, Minecraft Coding and Game Design, and Graphic Design. We believe that while engaging in hands-on, technology-based activities, children develop critical thinking, innovative problem-solving skills, logical reasoning, while fostering creativity and curiosity. We also strive to instil a growth mindset in your children, so that they are more likely to develop a lifelong love for learning, and a willingness to tackle new challenges with resilience and perseverance.

Children’s Worklab is conveniently located at the following locations:

  • Forum The Shopping Mall, #02-K1, Orchard;

  • Shaw Centre, #03-25, Orchard; and

  • UE Square #02-24, Robertson Quay. 

To learn more about our programs and offerings, please contact us, or WhatsApp us at +65 9729 7828 (Forum) / 8513 9878 (UE Square) / 8770 1285 (Shaw Centre). We look forward to hearing from you soon!


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