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Explore ways to encourage children to attend Holiday Camps

Some children look forward to attending Holiday Camps or Summer Camps and are generally very excited about them!  However, other children may not feel as comfortable to step out of their comfort zone, such as spending time at a new environment, away from home and school, or making new friends. 

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Encouraging children to attend a holiday camp or summer camp can be an exciting endeavor.  Here are some strategies you could consider if you feel that a holiday or summer camp experience could benefit your children:

Highlight the Fun Factor: Emphasize the fun and enjoyable experiences they will have at the holiday camp. Show them photos or videos of past camps to spark their interest, focusing on the activities, games, sports, arts and crafts, or other exciting things they can participate in.

Involve Them in Decision-making: Go over some holiday camp information and shortlist a number of camps for your children.  Let them have a say in choosing the holiday camp.  Present them with the options, and discuss what each camp offers.  When children feel like they have a say in the decision, they are more likely to be enthusiastic about participating.

Peer Influence: Talk to other moms with whom your children get along with, and see if you can send the kids together to a holiday camp.  If your child's friends are attending the same holiday camp, use this as a motivator.  Children often feel more comfortable trying new things when they know their friends will be there too.

Making New Friends: If they cannot attend a holiday camp with someone they know, highlight the opportunity to meet and make new friends from different backgrounds. Socializing with peers in a supportive environment who share common interests with your child can be an enticing prospect for many children.

Learning Opportunities: Highlight any learning or skill-building opportunities the holiday camp offers that your children may have expressed interest in.  Whether it is learning a new sport, picking up some robotics skills, honing their artistic talents, or developing leadership qualities, emphasize the valuable experiences they will gain from attending the camp.

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Talk About Independence and Adventure: Emphasize the sense of independence and adventure they will experience at the holiday camp.  Discuss the new friends they might make and the chance to try new things in a children-friendly and supportive environment.

Address any Concerns: If your child has any concerns or fears about attending a holiday camp, take the time to address them.  Listen to their worries and provide reassurance.  Sometimes, simply acknowledging and validating their concerns can make them feel more comfortable about attending.

Visit the Venue: If possible, arrange a visit to the holiday camp venue before the start date.  This allows children to see the facilities, meet the staff, and get a feel for the environment, which can help alleviate any anxiety they may have.

Provide Incentives or Rewards: Consider offering incentives or rewards for attending the holiday or summer camp, such as a special treat or activity they have been wanting to do. This can create excitement and anticipation leading up to the camp.

Share Personal Camp Stories: Share your own positive experiences with holiday camps or stories of friends and family members who have enjoyed similar experiences. Personal anecdotes can be powerful motivators.  Hearing about others' fun and memorable experiences can help build anticipation and excitement.

Be Positive and Supportive: Finally, maintain a positive and supportive attitude. Children often take cues from their parents or caregivers, so if you are enthusiastic and supportive about the camp experience, they are more likely to be as well.

By approaching the conversation with enthusiasm, empathy, and a focus on the benefits and excitement of attending holiday camps, you can help convince children to embrace the camp experience wholeheartedly.

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Children's Worklab has been offering fun, educational and hands-on Robotics and Technology Holiday Camps and Weekly Classes to children aged 3-13 since 2006 in Singapore. To sign up your child for our holiday camps or classes, please contact us, or WhatsApp us at +65 9729 7828 (Forum) / 8513 9878 (UE Square) / 8770 1285 (Shaw Centre)! Hope to hear from you soon!


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