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Holiday Camps at Children's Worklab in Singapore
Summer Holiday Camp|Xplorers Animation & Lego Robotics|Childrens Worklab Singapore

Xplorers Camp
(ages 6+)

Childrens Worklab and Robotics Connection Xplorers Camp Summer 2024 Holiday Camps


Animation & Robotics Holiday Camp for ages 6+
3- to 5- full-day camp, 6 hours per day

At Xplorers Camp, our campers will work on fun and challenging Lego robotics projects in the morning, and creative Lego animation projects in the afternoon.

Children will gain a good understanding in Lego robotics, from design, construction and engineering to coding and programming concepts, through 100% hands-on projects. They will build and code an interesting Lego robot that performs a different function on each day of the holiday camp.

With Lego animation, children will get to capture images, create a storyline and characters with storyboards and weave the images into their story, using Lego as a prop. They will also learn various digital filmmaking and video-editing skills using the Stop Motion software.

Over the course of the holiday camp, children will gain competence in both engineering/coding and digital filmmaking/video-editing skills, learn through creative play and trial and error, and develop logical thinking and problem-solving skills.


Children's Worklab and Robotics Connection Summer Camp 2024 Xplorers Camp 1
Children's Worklab and Robotics Connection Summer Camp 2024 Xplorers Camp 2

Download / Print Schedule

* 3-day holiday camps run from Monday to Wednesday each week (except Week 4).

* There will be one 15-min snack break. Please prepare a snack / drink for your child (kindly note that no sharing of food is allowed). 

* Free lunch will be provided. Alternatively, you may prepare a packed lunch for your child, but kindly note that there is no equipment for refrigerating or warming foods.

* Top-up of $50 from 3-day to 4-day camp, and $100 from a 3-day to a 5-day camp (depending on space availability).


Sign up in a group of 3 (or more) for a $30 discount per child for a 3-day camp, or a $50 discount per child for a 5-day camp!

* Groups of 3 or more are entitled to a group discount.

* All children's name must be registered together by the first registering parent.

* Parents to make full payments.

* Refund of discount will be offered once the 3rd child payment is made.

* No later top-ups to the group.

Holiday Camp Group Discount|Childrens Worklab Singapore
Childrens Worklab friendly Lego instructors


Sign up for another holiday camp WITHIN the same season to be eligible for $50 off for a 2- to 4-day camp or $100 off for a 5-day camp.


For full-day holiday camp

Holiday Camp Full-day Schedule at Children's Worklab in Singapore.


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