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How to choose a Holiday Camp in Singapore?

Holiday Camp fun with Lego Robotics at Children's Worklab in Singapore

Contemplating a holiday camp for your child's next school holidays in Singapore? Let's explore the many benefits of holiday camps, and some tips on how to choose the right holiday camp for your child.

Sending your child to a holiday camp can provide a myriad of benefits, such as fostering independence, promoting social skills, exposing them to new and interesting activities, building confidence, and offering a break from routine in a different, engaging environment. It can also be an opportunity for them to develop valuable life skills.

When choosing a holiday camp, consider factors like the camp's reputation, location, safety measures, age-appropriate activities, and your child's interests. Read reviews, get recommendations from family or friends, and see if the camp's philosophy and values align with yours. Additionally, ensure that the holiday camp provides a balanced mix of both fun and educational experiences.

Holiday Camp fun with friends at Children's Worklab in Singapore

Observe your child's interests and enthusiasm for particular activities. If they express interest in specific camp themes, it is likely they will enjoy the experience. Communicate with your child about the camp, addressing any concerns they may have and providing them with a sense of excitement, while encouraging an open mindset.

Established in 2006, Children’s Worklab has enjoyed an excellent reputation as a holiday camp provider for children aged 3-13 in Singapore, well-loved by children and trusted by parents over all these years.

All of our centers in Singapore are located in premium shopping malls, ensuring the safety of your children, and with parking facilities for your convenience. They are also highly accessible by MRT and buses. Since our camps are run indoors, they will be on whether rain or shine. You will have some peace of mind and not have to worry about the changing weather.

Holiday Camp fun with Lego Engineering at Children's Worklab in Singapore

Our team of friendly instructors are well-trained and experienced in working with children, and most have years of teaching technology and/or design.

We offer a wide range of fun and educational holiday camps, from Lego Robotics and Engineering, 3D Modelling and Printing, Animation and Graphic Design to Minecraft Game Design and Coding Camps. Whether you have a Lego fan, a tinkerer, an artist or a gamer, we have something for every child!

For more information on our holiday camps, please contact us or WhatsApp us at +65 9729 7828 (Forum) / 8513 9878 (UE Square) / 8770 1285 (Shaw Centre). Hope to hear from you soon! 

Holiday Camp fun with Minecraft Robotics at Children's Worklab in Singapore


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