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Give your child a head-start in Robotics & Tech!

At Children's Worklab, we emphasize to your children positive, responsible and productive use of technology from a young age; we empower them with future-ready robotics and technology skills and knowledge; we nurture a growth mindset, together with a lifelong love of learning, in them.  

Contact us to sign up your child for a holiday camp or weekly classes at one of our three locations in Singapore, conveniently located at Forum The Shopping Mall, UE Square and Shaw Centre!

Childrens Worklab Robotics and Technology Holiday Camps and Classes Join us


Fun, educational and hands-on activities for your school holidays in Singapore! 


At our signature Lego Robotics Holiday Camps, children get to build their own robots or models with Lego®, and then learn to program them to move or perform certain functions, while problem-solving and picking up key engineering and coding skills and concepts along the way!

ages 4 - 7

ages 9+

*must have Scratch coding experience;

held in conjunction with Robotics Connection

ages 7 - 13

ages 10+

*must have substantial robotics experience and Scratch coding fluency; held inconjunction with Robotics Connection


Introducing basic building and engineering skills and concepts, as well as story-telling techniques, to our youngest campers! Duplo is used as the main learning tool at this Lego® Engineering holiday camp.

ages 3-4

(must be fully toilet trained)

Childrens Worklab kids-friendly Lego classes and holiday camps


Calling all Minecraft fans! Choose between our Minecraft Coding or Game Design Camps, depending on your age and experience, or try your hands at our Minecraft-themed Lego® Robotics Holiday Camp!

ages 7+

ages 8+


Pick up filmmaking and video-editing skills with StopMotion in our Xplorers Holiday Camp. Create storyboards, build your own scenes with Lego® elements, capture images, and learn how to turn them into a short movie!

Childrens Worklab Animation Holiday Camps and Weekly Classes.webp

ages 6+


Introducing the fundamentals of design thinking and key 3D design considerations at our 3D Modelling and Printing Holiday Camp. Children will learn to use Tinkercad to create 3D models (including a light saber at our new 3D Jedi Camp)!

ages 8+

ages 8+


Learn graphic-editing and manipulation skills on Photoshop, basic design principles, color modes, printing standards and more at our Designer Holiday Camp! 

Childrens Worklab 3D and Graphic Design Holiday Camps and Weekly Classes.webp

ages 7+


  • Proven track record in Lego® robotics, engineering and technology education for over 18 years in Singapore (since 2006);

  • Trusted by prestigious schools and international schools in Singapore to run their Lego® robotics, engineering and technology after-school programs over the years;

  • Introduction to, and application of, important S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) skills and concepts;

  • Well-established, and frequently updated, curriculum for holiday camps and weekly classes; 

  • Experienced and friendly instructors;

  • Low student to instructor ratio (<6:1); 

  • Joyful learning environment that excites, inspires and well-liked by children.


Why Childrens Worklab and benefits of Robotics and Technology classes for children
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Children's Worklab Child-centered Approach | Holiday Camps & Weekly Classes for kids

Child-centered approach

Children thrive when they feel supported, inspired and challenged. We keep the interests, safety and growth of your children as our top priority.

Children's Worklab Personalized Learning | Holiday Camps & Weekly Classes for kids

Personalized learning

Every child is an individual who learns at a different pace and benefits from a different learning style. We strive to provide the right kind and level of support in helping your children realize their full potential, wherever they are in their learning journey.

Children's Worklab Effective Communication | Holiday Camps & Weekly Classes for kids


We keep track of your children's abilities and progress very closely, and always keep you in the loop. We are proactive in partnering and communicating with you to ensure the most optimal learning experience for your children. 

Building a strong foundation

We believe in investing our time and energy in building a strong foundation for success. We make sure that your children learn from the ground up, through our Lego® Engineering and Robotics programs, in order to acquire a solid understanding of mechanical design, scientific concepts, coding and problem-solving skills.

Childrens Worklab Robotics Connection NRC 2023 2_edited.webp
Childrens Worklab Robotics Connection NRC 2023 1_edited.webp

Celebrating our wins at the National Robotics Competition 2023!


5-star reviews for Children's Worklab Singapore

This was my son’s absolute favorite summer camps out of the 3 he attended. I had first booked him for 3 days and then had to change it to 5 as he was adamant that he wanted to do it for the entire week 😊 The staff are so friendly and caring and it’s pretty awesome what the kids get up to! They are always around to answer any questions you may have after the camp and also easily accessible on WhatsApp. I find they really take a genuine interest in the kids and tailor to their abilities very well. We love it and it won’t be the last time my son attends the camp that’s for sure!
-Radhika R.


I like to come for my Lego® robotics classes on the weekends because they are fun and I get to build and code something different every time!
-Fabian T.


We have been going to Children’s Worklab for many classes now and have always been impressed, which is why we keep going back. Whether it’s the weekly classes or the camps, it is fun when I am picking them up to see what they have created. Chidren’s Worklab really care about each child and giving them the best experience.


2-hour sessions available on selective Sunday afternoons at our Forum or UE Square branches for children aged 5+ (only available during non-holiday camp periods).

Participants will work on a fun and engaging Lego® robotics project, and will celebrate the birthday child during break time!

Childrens Worklab Birthday Classes and Celebration.webp

Children's Worklab Holiday Camps and Classes featured on

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