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Holiday Camps at Children's Worklab in Singapore
myCamp Junior - our Lego Engineering Holiday Camp for kids aged 3-4 at Children's Worklab in Singapore.
myCamp Junior
(ages 3 - 4)
myCamp Jr - our Lego Engineering Year-end 2023 Holiday Camp for ages 3-4 at Children's Worklab in Singapore.


Lego Engineering Camp for ages 3-4

(must be fully toilet trained)
3- to 5-half day camp, 3 hours per day

myCamp Junior is our Lego engineering camp that introduces our youngest campers to a range of basic Lego building and engineering concepts.

Lego Duplo is used as the main learning tool in this camp as they are easier for the smaller hands of our young campers.


Children will learn to interpret step-by-step building instructions, which trains their logical reasoning and visual-spatial abilities.  They will also be sharpening their hand-eye coordination and fine-motor skills, while being guided in completing their projects. Through this exercise, they develop perseverance, independence and self-confidence.

Toward the end of the camp, children will also be introduced to creative story-telling techniques, making their own story with Duplo elements and taking pictures of the scenes they built. 


Childrens Worklab Year end Camps 2023 myCamp Jr Lego Engineering Camp schedule

* 3-day camps run from Monday to Wednesday each week.

* There will be one 15-min snack break. Please prepare a snack / drink for your child (kindly note that no sharing of food is allowed).

* Top-up of $50 from 3-day to 4-day camp (depending on space availability), and $100 from a 3-day to a 5-day camp (depending on space availability).


Sign up in a group of 3 (or more) for a $30 discount per child for a 3-day camp, or a $50 discount per child for a 5-day camp!

* Groups of 3 or more are entitled to a group discount.

* All children's name must be registered together by the first registering parent.

* Parents to make full payments.

* Refund of discount will be offered once the 3rd child payment is made.

* No later top-ups to the group.

Holiday Camp Group Discount for registering a group of 3 (or more) at Children's Worklab in Singapore.
Repeat Camp Discount for registering for another camp WITHIN the same season at Children's Worklab in Singapore.


Sign up for another camp WITHIN the same season to be eligible for $50 off for a 2- to 4-day camp or $100 off for a 5-day camp.


For half-day camps

Half-day Holiday Camp Rundown at Children's Worklab in Singapore.


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