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Robocamp Apprentice

(Ages 4 - 7)


Lego Robotics Camp for ages 4 to 7
3- or 5-half day camp, 2.5 hours per day

In RoboCamp Apprentice, our younger campers will be introduced to Lego Robotics through Lego WeDo.

This hands-on camp will provide children a fundamental understanding of Lego Robotics. Children will first build a robot with Lego and then learn to do basic programming to make it perform assigned functions on a graphical and easy-to-understand, kids-friendly interface. They will get to complete one project on each day of camp, all the while developing creativity, perseverance and problem-solving skills.

We offer different themes per camp week for you to choose from, including Dinobots, Party with Animals, Sports Savvy and Fix-a-bot, among others (please refer to our schedule below). Children will join us on a safari adventure into the wild, or cheer on at an exciting soccer match and get to construct their own kick and goalie!  Various themes are offered in order of challenge.

*This camp is offered both at Children's Worklab and Robotics Connection, our sister center at Coronation Shopping Plaza.


Download / Print Schedule
* 3-day camps run from Monday to Wednesday each week.
* There will be one 15-min snack break. Children will bring their own snacks and drinks (please note no sharing of food will be permitted).
* Top up of only $100 from a 3-day to a 5-day camp (depending on space availability).


Sign up in a group of 3 (or more) for a $30 discount per child for a 3-day camp or a $50 discount per child for a 5-day camp!
* Groups of 3 or more are entitled to a group discount.
* All children's name must be registered together by the first registering parent.
* Parents to make full payments.
* Refund of discount will be offered once the 3rd child payment is made.
* No later top-ups to the group.


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