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Children’s Worklab is an education centre focused on developing and delivering applied-technology curricula to children aged 4-12. It started operations in Singapore in 2007 and since then, we have developed applied-technology curricula for children in both academic and non-academic settings. Our team comprised of educators, scientists, engineers and technology professionals, is passionate about teaching children technological concepts through hands-on activities.

We operate seasonal camps, Workshop, in-class programs at schools and run special events, to educate thousands of children every year. We have a proven track record of great fun learning from children receiving our programs year after year in Singapore.

Our company mission aligns itself in line with the Singapore Ministry of Education’s vision of thinking schools, learning nation. We hope to be part of this educational revolution of inspiring young minds and nurturing a spirit of innovation and enterprise.

“Teach Less, Learn More”. We couldn’t agree more.

WHY CHOOSE Children's Worklab?

It Just Works!

How much time have you spent persuading your child to go to tuition and get excited about learning? Imagine a learning program designed for effective learning and great fun. 100% hands-on and mind stimulating. Join the program and start learning effectively.

Creativity that Inspires

Take the road less travelled. Be unconventional. Think differently. Think creatively. Make it a habit to think creatively all the time. Multiple solutions to any problems. Anytime. Anywhere.

Not Boring, Not Memory-Intensive

Children’s Worklab program is designed with FUN in mind. Conventional studying just does not make you a thinker. You are told what to learn and how to learn methodically. Children’s Worklab lets the child authors his/her own learning content. They learn from things they enjoy.

Direct Hollywood-style movies

Learn the process of film making. Create your storyboard, write your script, add your sound effects and graphic. Burn your movie into a CD and take it home with you!

Self Discovery

Let your child takes his journey of self-discovery. Expose him to the different technological stream. Find his passion and claim his foothold in our hi-tech world

Make Amazing Stuff!

Every child has their own computer with great soft-wares that transforms their creative ideas into reality. There are thousands of projects to choose from. Make programmable robots, create your own movie, design your own video games and more.

100% hands-on. One computer per child. Low teacher-student ratio.

Studying merely by memory may get you through exams, but it is not learning. Application of theory, knowledge and hands-on methods make learning effective. Small class size and highly qualified instructors ensure appropriate attention for every child.

Create Awesome Games

No child dislikes playing video games. But what is the technology and idea behind game creation? Kick start your child’s active learning by allowing him to go behind the scene and learn how to create simple video games. Don’t just become a game player. Become a Game Maker.

Build a Robot!

Let your imagination go wild! Use LEGOâ„¢ to construct your robot. Learn how to program your robot to respond to its environment. Pit your robot against a competitor. May the best robot triumph