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What do we offer at our Workshops?

We offer weekly weekend workshops introducing children to the world of applied technology. This series of after school workshops allows children to be creative with technology and develop their understanding of key concepts in science, engineering, energy and video game design. Students will engage in hands-on, applied technology activities that cover popular science & technology and language arts curriculum objectives.

Workshop Schedule

We have a wide selection of courses taking place on different dates. Check out our Workshop Course Schedule to view what’s available and shortlist your preferred classes now!

Compare Workshop to our Holiday Camps


More goals-oriented

More academically targeted

More class-like setting

More structured curriculum

In-depth learning of specific technology

Holiday Camps

More creative process-oriented

Process-driven learning

More autonomy provided to children to direct their own learning

Less structured curriculum

Integrated learning of FOUR technologies: robotics, animation, digital art & video