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Story Builder

Reading & Story Telling was never so much fun!

Aged 3 - 6

Reading was never so fun!

The StoryBuilder program was developed by early childhood education experts and our engineering & programming staff for children from age 3-6.

  • The program is made up of 3 components: story-telling/retelling, letter recognition & phonics and hands-on, science-based activities related to the stories.
  • The storybuilder multimedia program teaches children plot and character development.
  • Skillbuilder phonics software features lessons in letter recognition, consonants and vowels and a motivational Star System that kids love. Craft activities help develop fine motor skills and an understanding of fundamental science concepts.


Create a story and make a movie out of it, inspiring young animators!

Aged 7 - 13

Create a Story & make a Movie!

The Animator's Workshop is a program designed for kids aged 7 and above. Participants are introduced to story development, set & character creation, animation and editing techniques as they create stop motion-based productions. Students can work individually or as a team to combine and stimulate their creativity.

Instead of telling or thinking for the child, our experienced instructors will provide a guiding hand for the student to think creatively and independently. All animation projects are very hands-on and uses very accessible and easy-to use software. The students will work at a level that reflects their ability and creativity. In other words, older or more experienced children will develop more detailed stories and will be able to produce more polished finished productions.
Educational benefits

  • providing a meaningful context for children to learn concepts and skills
  • making learning fun and enjoyable
  • encouraging children to explore and discover together and on their own
  • allowing children to extend what they are learning
  • encouraging children to experiment and take risks
  • providing opportunities for collaborative learning with adults and peers
  • allowing for the practice of skills

So, What happens at Animator's Class?

Kids learn about...

  • Story-boarding & creation. (Create your movie theme and story. Plan the sequence and let your imagination go wild! Comedy, action, science fiction, documentary or even horror! It is completely up to you.)
  • Character & prop creation. (Bring your story to life by creating character to add to your story. You can even decide where your story will take place. Planet Mars? Egypt’s Pyramid? Snow Mountain? You can make it happen! )
  • Sound effects & voice Recording. (Add special sound effects to heighten the experience of watching your “blockbuster” movie. You can even add your own voice to the character.)
  • Film Production & Editing. (Produce your animation and continuously improve it. Show everyone your first of many more future productions.)

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