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Kids enrolling for Robocamp are given kinetic projects of varying difficulty to build. Through the building process, they will utilize their logic and spatial skills.

After all kids have finished the building portion of the project, they will then move on to the programming segment of the project where the children will learn to code commands for their robots in order for it to move.

Robobattle is meant to be a fun and exciting extra program aimed at older children who already have experience in building and coding Lego projects. As Robobattle is mostly activity driven, only brief instructions will be given for the activity of the day before the children are released to utilize their own skills to build their very own unique robot to battle each other for the day.

Student teacher ratio is 1:5, Full class of 16 children.

Yes, Children’s Worklab is an open environment where all ages share the same room. Children are encouraged to interact with each other, browse each other’s projects and discuss ideas and solutions. Younger kids are welcome to observe what the older kids are building to have an idea of what they can look forward to building should they choose to enroll again.

On a case by case basis, if we notice your child exhibits exceptional building, listening and computer skill; we have no problems in promoting your child to do the senior level projects to challenge him more.

Again this is a case by case basis. If we find your child can follow instructions and build coherently enough without much difficulty, we will ensure he stays at that level to follow along with the other older children.

However should we feel your child will perform much better at the junior level, we might let him start at that junior level first before promoting him to senior level.

Lego projects CANNOT be taken home as Children’s Worklab uses Lego as an educational tool for its enrollees; as such, after each camp has concluded, Lego pieces from the last camp will be reused for the new batch of campers that enroll.

However as a souvenir of your child’s time with us, they will receive a certificate of completion, a unique RoboCamp badge and pictures of your child’s progress during the camp will be sent to you.

Children’s Worklab does NOT provide food during the camp but we do provide bottles of water should your child need it. A short recess will be given everyday, halfway through the camp so we encourage parents/guardians to provide their child with a small snack to eat during this period.

During weeks which contain a public holiday and RoboCamp is extended for one day (9am to 3pm), please do note that we do provide complimentary lunch. However, lunch is only limited to Mcdonalds that we will purchase and give out during the lunch period. Please do accommodate for your child’s dietary needs should this arrangement be unsuitable for you. (Please refer to our receptionist for camps containing an extended day)

While we understand every child has their own individual learning ability and needs, Children’s Worklab will observe every special needs child on a case by case basis. If he has shown to be able to follow instructions, of competent building ability and doesn’t disturb the other kids, he/she is more than welcome to enroll.

Children’s Worklab has developed its own tried and tested lesson plan that is aimed to engage children in developing logic and problem solving skills, the projects included in the lesson plan do follow a difficulty curve aiming to have the child build something easy initially before moving on to harder projects. As such we do require that every child follow the same schedule first, similar to any classroom-based setting. However if the child has shown exemplary performance and finished the project for the day early enough, he/she is then able to work on a more advanced project that not every child will have access to.

If the child continually repeats our camps, we gradually allow more freedom for individual project building as well as access to the newer, harder projects.

Children’s Worklab does have several themes that offer variety and dynamicity to every child that repeats their enrollment for RoboCamp. Although we try to accommodate for every repeat enrollee to ensure he/she does not build the same project again, please do understand, that the more times the child repeats the camp, the chances of doing a project again are higher so as to follow camp curriculum for the benefit of the majority of the other kids who have not done the project before.