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Student teacher ratio is 1:5, Full class of 15 children.

Our instructors are university/college students often with technical, engineering or education backgrounds. They are all well trained in our curriculum and can handle all four streams of technology. They have all had police checks and are certified in First Aid.

We teach 4 streams of technology: Graphic Design; Animation and Digital Video Production; Video Game Creation; Robotics..

We offer 11-theme based adventures. Each theme is made up of approx 40 different projects. Children will complete 3-6 projects during the week depending on the age, interest and skill level. The staff introduces the 10 themes and projects on the first day of camp. The students pick their adventure on the first day.

No, we do not. You must pack a lunch and snack if your child needs it as our classes run for about half a day (2.5hours). We also encourage children to bring their own drink bottles as Children’s Worklab’s health and safety regulations discourages our staff from distributing foods to children.

The environment at Children’s Worklab is very fluid, campers move around setting up props and animation sets, building LEGO and looking at each other’s projects.

Most of the softwares we use are available for purchase online and are inexpensive to own.

We welcome boys and girls at myCamp! The adventures are not gender-specific and we’ve had boys choose fashion designer and create a new line of skateboarding gear and quite often girls come up with really detailed stories for their video games or movies.

The ages at camp are determined based on years of experience and take into account many factors from reading ability to level of focus to being comfortable away from home. It may be more beneficial for your child to try an myCamp first before considering a more advanced type of program.

The age guidelines are in place to ensure that children get the most out of their chosen adventure. We highly recommend that children under grade 4 choose an adventure other than Gamemaker Guru to provide them with more variety in their activity choice. They can still certainly make a video game as part of any adventure.

We deal with special needs situations on a case-by-case basis. Many children with autism, Asberger’s and other varying abilities, etc. do very well in the myCamp program but we need to make sure that we can provide the necessary care for your child.

Yes, myCamp is an open environment where all ages work in the same room. Children are encouraged to share ideas and help each other solve problems. Older children can help lead break games and take on a leadership role if that is something they are interested in. In terms of the activities, many of our technologies are used in university programs such as the LEGO robotics and we can certainly challenge older participants.

Professional quality programs can be expensive to use and maintain and may require sophisticated computers. We choose applications that are accessible to children for home use. Our focus is on technology literacy and the creative use of software applications regardless of the program. We want children to be comfortable completing a particular project using whatever tools are available because they understand the theory behind the project.

Yes, our focus in on the creative use of technology as a tool to complete a project, which is not operating system dependent. Most of our applications can have files sent home that will be viewable on both platforms with the exception of Game Maker, which is PC-based only.

The myCamp environment provides children with access to a wide variety of technologies. Each child will have access to their own computer, robotics equipment, cameras, digital drawing tablets and many other peripheral devices. Our staff is largely university-aged science and engineering students and young adults. we have a small ratio of 5:1 ratio of campers to staff. We encourage parents to sign up for a half-day program if cost is a concern, or perhaps look at our various promotions when you recruit a friend to join us.