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Suited for kids aged 5 - 6

Take a peek into the intriguing and solitary world of the Arthropods as they spin their web of terror. Be captivated by the enduring and serene antics of the "Preying Mantis" as it quietly waits upon it next kill. This holiday camp promises you the time of your life as you join us on a discovery journey into the world of these amazing creepy crawlers. May the best Insectobot win!


Suited for kids aged 5 - 6

Join us on an adventure through the inner mechanics of various modern transportation! Race your friends in the ultimate challenge - learning what makes an F1 race car thunder off at the speed of lightning. Take an underwater trip in your very own submarine and discover how this amazing watercraft navigates and finds its way in the deep ocean. This school holiday, get up close and personal with everyone's favourite Mean Machine and understand how different transportation modes function. Game on!


Suited for kids aged 5 - 6

Are you ready for extreme aeronautics with LEGO? Gather your tools and start building the mightiest flying machine. Glide the high skies with the best Blend of modern slick designs with the best aerodynamics.


Week 1

Date: 20th- 24th Nov 2017

Time: 2pm-5pm

Week 2

Date: 20th -24th Nov 2017

Time: 9am-12pm

Week 3

Date: 4th Dec -8th Dec 2017

Time: 2pm-5pm

Week 4

Date: 11th Dec-15th Dec 2017

Time: 9am-12pm

Week 5

Date: 18th Dec -22nd Dec 2017

Time: 2pm-5pm

Week 6

Date: 26th Dec -29th Dec 2017

Time: 9am-12pm or 2pm-5pm ** Full day 29th Dec (9am-3pm)

Week 8

Date: 8th Jan-12th Jan 2017

Time: 9am-12pm

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