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What is Robocamp?

RoboCamp Junior and Robocamp Senior are 5 day camps designed for those who are passionate about Robotics and all things mechanical!

This 5 day camp strives to introduce young kids between the ages of 6-12 to the world of robotics. Packaged under several popular and age appropriate themes, Participants will able to design and build their own robot using LEGO to get a feel of what robotics and competing with robots is like. This encourages cooperative participation and hands-on learning of robotics and its design, building concepts, and program aspects; mathematical and scientific concepts; and basic teamwork and leadership skills that can be directly applied to the real world.

In addition, RoboCamp not only familiarizes students with embracing concepts in science, and engineering. It encourages children to learn with a inquisitive mind while problem solving through our many simulated competitions and challenges throughout the week.

RoboCamp Schedule

We have a wide selection of courses taking place on different dates. Check out our Holiday Camp Schedule to view what’s available and shortlist your preferred classes now!


Camp Objectives

Provide a meaningful and fun environment for children to learn scientific concepts and skills

Make learning fun and enjoyable

Encourage children to both explore and discover together and on their own

Encourage children to experiment and learn how to solve problems

Provide opportunities for collaborative learning and teamwork with peers