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Party With the Animals

Suited for kids aged 5 - 6

Come party with the animals! This module lets you delve into the mechanical world of the robotic animals. You will learn how to make your robots walk, tweet and twirl, and even roar with our Robotics programming, made-easy. Tickle your imagination and challenge your creativity as you embark on a discovery journey with us.

Sports Savvy: Play like a Champion!

Suited for kids aged 5 - 6

If you are a sports fan, then this is your game. Build and program your own Robotic Kicker to kick and score, and a Goalie which blocks and defends. Dare to be challenged and explore the intricate mechanics of our sports robots with us this school holidays. Let's hustle! Let's build! And never quit!


Suited for kids aged 5 - 6

Are you ready to get some propellers turning? Engage in some serious fun learning about the different flying machines and fly to new heights with different building challenges.

Monster Trucks

Suited for kids aged 5 - 6

One of the meanest mightiest monster machines is in town ! Join us for an extreme challenge this holidays, put together some of the most complex monstrous trucks you'd find roaming the city. Definitely not for the faint-hearted!

Oceanic adventures

Suited for kids aged 5 - 6

Explore the deepest darkest Oceanic trenches as a deep sea diver. Take a deep breath as you take a look at the beautiful coral reefs whilst investigating how the manta rays moves differently to the fishes and the sea turtle in the mysterious twilight zone.

Earth's little heroes

Suited for kids aged 5 - 6

Experience the mightiest wrath of an earth quake. Put out a rescue team by building your own rescue helicopter. Then recycle, reuse and renew to join the revolution and be a green envoy. Learn all about how you can protect our beloved mother nature from being destroyed whilst having fun with Lego.


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