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What is RoboBattle?

A high-energy impact filled camp! It is a camp focused on covering the basics of robotics through completing challenges and forming creative problem solving solutions. This short duration camp involves mainly problem solving and would suit kids who are interested in completing challenges and solving mazes and puzzles using robotics. This energetic and exciting camp is designed to deliver FUN and EXCITEMENT to all Robotics novices and enthusiasts.

This camp harnesses the curiosity and competitive nature of all children. Kids will learn some basic robotics in this camp aimed at completing challenges and for competing against one another or in groups. A highly social and fun camp atmosphere will surely set your child in the right mood for learning.

** Various skill levels to be completed

Robobattle Schedule

We have a wide selection of courses taking place on different dates. Check out our Holiday Camp Schedule to view what’s available and shortlist your preferred classes now!

Benefits of RoboBattle

Gain Social skills

Learn all about Robotics/ Engineerings

Learn Problem solving, Planning

How is Robobattle Different from RoboCamp?

Robocamp is a more methodological robotics camp where kids are provided detailed instructions on learning about the mechanics of building and the language of programming. Kids will do different projects each day which focuses on the learning of the mechanics of building + how programming can make a difference by robotizing the projects. In this camp, there are comparatively more projects building, learning objectives are focused on learning the essentials of mechanics and robotics. Unlike Robobattle where the sole purpose is solve a given problem within the short span of the camp, Robocamp challenges the child to think further into being creative and innovative. Robocamp is a excellent learning ground for children who are keen to learn all about robotics whilst RoboBattle would suit kids who are already familiar to Robotics and are looking for further challenges and /or children who are novices to robotics and would like a snapshot on how fun robotics learning can be.