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Design the home of your dreams

Ages 9 - 13

Create the home of your dreams!

Design and build a 3D model of a real life smart house - program it to do anything you can dream of. You'll never mow the lawn again! Put your house on the market and design a campaign to attract the highest bidder.

Parents, if your precious one displays enthusiasm in fixing and building structures, consider engaging your child with this adventure - one of myCamp's aspiration-specific themes. Through our innovative curriculum, you may soon see him design the home of your dreams - or at least strive to do so with better developed skill sets and relevant exposure via appropriate programmes.

An Egyptian Quest

Discover the Pharaoh's secrets using IT

Ages 7 - 13
Sail the Nile in Style!
Develop your own Egyptian adventure and use workshop tools to complete it. Program a desert rover to explore a pyramid seeking lost artifacts or rescuing trapped archaeologists. This will be an unforgettable adventure! If your kid enjoys history and cultures pertaining to ancient civilisations, then allow him to uncover the Pharaoh's secrets & treasures using 21st century technologies! Whether your child aspires to be an archaeologist, or simply want to have some fun playing explorer in the style of Indiana Jones, introduce your child to this myCamp Adventure that will appeal to his/her core competencies and let his/her imagination run wild!

Fashion Runway

Be a fashionista & bring your designs to life

Ages 7 - 13
Fame? Fortune? Fashion?

This is your chance to design your own line of clothing or maybe even sports equipment and running shoes. Construct and program a runway to show off your creations. Make a commercial for the best-known label around.

So, your child adores the glitz & glamour of the sartorial scene. Help further develop the fashionista in him/her by exposing your child to our myCamp workshop and learn skills such as Graphic Design & Digital Art, which purports to stretch your child's capabilities in this field. Let your child learn in a creative manner, in a creative environment, with a creative curriculum - and watch your child bloom as he/she bring his/her designs to life!

Space Exploration

Blast off to unearth life in outer space

Ages 7 - 13
The Red Planet Waits!

Create your own deep space transmission and lead a crew to respond to the crisis. Combine robotics with your imagination, use animation and design to your advantage. Complete your earthbound training...and blast off!

If your kid fancies Space related themes, Wall.E and the likes or wishes to become a NASA astronaut, perhaps you can look at augmenting his interest with an myCamp programme or two. With a slew of fun-filled, creatively structured activities in place, there's no stopping him from blasting off to unearth life in outer space, albeit imaginatively, for a start. Specific courses involving Engineering & Robotics will serve to ignite the fire in his/her belly and entertain your child no end.

Knights Kingdom

Defend your empire and build your kingdom

Ages 7 - 13
Go back in time!

Go back in time and build the world's first computer-controlled castle! Design your own coat of arms, engineer your way across the moat and save the townspeople from your robotic LEGO dragon.

Tick your child's boxes with make-believe mythical adventures and watch his/her imagination soar! Through myCamp's thoughtfully-crafted workshops such as Animation & Digital Video Product & Video Game, your little one will learn to defend his "empire" and build his/her "kingdom" in an entertaining way. What better way to delight and educate than entice your child with a programme that's both fun and engaging all at once?

Musical Alive

Put on your drama shoes!

Ages 7 - 13
Put on your drama shoes!

If Jiving and grooving to the latest tunes is your game then Musical alive will be your thing! Put on the drama shoes and get choreographing to pop and jazz your way to the TOP.


Form a team & stretch your limits to compete & win

Ages 7 - 13
You've just been put in charge of the IOC!

Choose a host country, use workshop tools and your imagination to engineer each event. Keep the fans updated with live broadcasts and print media. Don’t forget to include your new mascot!

Whether your offspring wants to form a team to compete for glory or & stretch his/her limits to partake in the athletic event of the century, help him nurture his sportsmanship and carve out a solid foundation by introducing him/her to myCamp's many fun and interest-based adventure themes. Whatever your child's inclinations, they'd no sooner discover he/she can reach for the stars, based on the very goals he sets for himself.

F1 Racer

Quench your need for speed take to the race tracks

Ages 7 - 13
Do you live for speed?

F1 Racer brings the excitement of Formula One racing to camp! Design and program your own car using true-to-life components. Promote your team to fans and sponsors, race your car against the clock and you're off!

Parents who wish to fulfil their kids' need for speed should sign them up for myCamp's innovative adventure such as this, which will enable them to use their imagination to get ahead in the fast lane. Your children will be able to make use of modern, multimedia technologies and platforms available and learn in a fun, engaging and educational way.

Rescue Mission

Design & build your own rescue tools to save the day

Ages 7 - 13
This is the stuff heroes are made of!

Dream up a daring mission and stop at nothing to complete it. Prepare for all conditions, engineer and program vehicles and rescue tools. Animate the rescue in progress and design your own front page feature story.

Kids, be a good Samaritan and join the rescue team! Dream up a daring mission and stop at nothing to complete it. In this course, you'll have to prepare for all conditions, engineer and program your own vehicles and design your personal rescue tools. Learn to animate your rescue progress and design your own front page feature story, too. This is the stuff heroes are made of - so go forth to save the day!

Super Heroes

Be a Hero and save the world today!

Ages 7 - 13
Be a Hero and save the world today!

Be the hero, let your powers put disasters down to zero. Gather your superhero friends, form a team and get started at saving the world today!

Video Games Designer

Create your own Windows-based video games

Ages 9 - 13
Design, build and take-home your own Windows-based video games!

Learn to create your own game storyline, draw or import characters and backgrounds and apply sound effects.

New IT developments, innovations and programmes are being churned out by the day faster than one can say Eureka! Nurture your IT-inclined kid by immersing him in the appropriate learning environment. From Animation & Digital Video Product, Video Game, Graphic Design & Digital Art to Audio Engineering, these and other myCamp programmes can help to open up minds and promote creative learning. Who knows? You may soon find yourself playing a Windows-based video game developed by your little one in your free time one day!


Week 1

Date: 20th Nov-24th Nov 2017

Time: 9am-12pm

Week 2

Date: 27th Nov-1st Dec 2017

Time: 2pm-5pm

Week 3

Date: 4th Dec -8th Dec 2017

Time: 9am-12pm

Week 4

Date: 11th Dec -15th Dec 2017

Time: 9am-12pm

Week 5

Date: 18th Dec -22nd Dec 2017

Time: 9am-12pm

Week 7

Date: 2nd Jan- 5th Jan 2018

Time: 9am-12pm

Week 8

Date: 8th Jan-12th Jan 2018

Time: 2pm-5pm

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