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The instructor student ratio is 1:3. Full class is usually 6-7 children.

We teach young children the early concepts of science (ie How do gears work? What is a lever system?) through fun hands on activities using LEGO®DUPLO® as the educational tool. At the same time, this helps children to work on their fine motor skills. We also teach the basics of computer and iPad applications through fun literacy based story telling activities. Children will learn to set up their own story boards and make E books with pictures created by them using LEGO as a prop. This encourages children to think creatively and promotes their language development.

We will be sending the snippet photo compilation of the children taken during the camp as well as the E books made by them to the parents.

Our LEGO® resources are used as an educational tool for all our classes conducted at Worklab. Hence, children are not able to bring the projects home as the pieces will be reused for the other lessons. If your child enjoys the camp and likes what he/she built, you may consider enrolling him/her for our Weekend Workshop where he/ she gets to build a variety of similar interesting projects. Alternatively, we do sell LEGO education sets at a price lower than any other retailers for our members. Should you be keen, please contact us to find out more.

The environment at Children’s Worklab is very fluid, campers move around building LEGO projects, setting up props and working with their friends. We also include short breaks such as playtime where children unleash their creativity to build their own LEGO projects or have fun at the playground (accompanied by our instructors).

No, we do not. You must pack a lunch and snack if your child needs it as our classes run for about half a day (2.5hours). We also encourage children to bring their own drink bottles as Children’s Worklab’s health and safety regulations discourages our staff from distributing foods to children.