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Minecraft Coding Camp

Design, create and share your own Minecraft adventure!

Skill Level: Junior
Ratio: 5 students per instructor
Prerequisites: None
Software: Minecraft

Is your child interested to learn how to make their own videogames? Do they love to play Minecraft? Why not turn their interest in games into an opportunity to learn sophisticated problem solving and planning skills! Our course aims to harness Minecraft’s powerful free-form Creative mode to teach the processes behind 3D videogame design used in the actual videogame industry. Student’s will be need to think creatively to design their own simple Minecraft adv enture map and plan out the in-game challenges they want other players to overcome. Then, they will playtest both their own and other student’s projects, learning how to identify and overcome problems as a team in a constructive manner.

Advanced Minecraft users will learn how to expand on their world’s abilities by using in-game programming and scripting tools to create their own story driven map, as well as learn how to use external editing programs to work on larger scale projects.

What are some of the take home skills?

This course is an exciting opportunity for your child to put their creative planning skills to the test, as well as develop their project planning, teamwork and problem solving skills. By leveraging on the familiarity and popularity of one of the most popular videogames in history, the Minecraft 3D game design course aims to inculcate practical creative skills, while being fun and engaging Students will be able to take home their completed Minecraft project at the end of the course.(A personal copy of Minecraft would be required in order to access their level, and is sold separately at

Minecraft Schedule

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